Bamboo House is two hours of slow-radio by two friends – Martyn Riley & Tim Green – every 2nd Sunday. We delve into a  personal selection of music, field recordings, sounds & spoken word.

︎ Martyn Riley
︎ Tim Green
︎ Music From A Sunny Place

Photography by Martyn.
Design by Tim.

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1Mishki Searching (excerpt)Martyn Riley
2Last Man Mr J (Dub Demo Mix)Tokoro 23
3K1Tokoro 23
4Sonic BridgeTokoro 23 (feat J.Roe)
5Jinn Dancing (excerpt)Martyn Riley
6GDPTokoro 23
7SwellsTokoro 23
8Lagra 2Tokoro 23
9Sway SwayTokoro 23
10Etude #2 (for Irene Riley)Tokoro 23
11Umbrellas (Night Comers Mix)Tokoro 23
12LankTokoro 23
13FollowerTokoro 23
14Misfits Scamping (excerpt)Martyn Riley
15Childhood JestTokoro 23
16(3am)Tokoro 23
17HappySadAngryMad (Reduction Mix)Tokoro 23
18Yoshinko DropsTokoro 23
19Levee BeatsLeopards On Leashes
20The Meadowillustrated
21Smoking in the back gardenTWG
22Watching DawnTWG
24There is nothing ever fully present in signsTWG
25Until Your Eyes AcheEleven Feet
27Holes, leeches, towerTWG
28For VladimirTWG
29You and Your Dreams and VisionsTWG
30Dancing as the sun rises on the spreeTWG
31Neon StitchingTWG
32The TourTWG
35Why am I still awake?TWG
36Stars and JupiterTWG
37Water Dancing in a CageTWG