Bamboo House is two hours of slow-radio by two friends – Martyn Riley & Tim Green – every 2nd Sunday. We delve into a  personal selection of music, field recordings, sounds & spoken word.

︎ Martyn Riley
︎ Tim Green
︎ Music From A Sunny Place

Photography by Martyn.
Design by Tim.

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Tim –

Angel Bat Dawid - Transition East
Coby Sey - Petals Have Fallen
D.K. - Distant Images
Eddie Chacon - Hurt
Jameszoo, Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley - (flake)
Tara Clerkin Trio - In The Room
Heather Trost - Sunrise
Meara O'Reilly - Hockets For Two Voices:2
Kacey Johansing - Whales of Agate
Vito Abiungo Feat. William Ryan Finch - Balknaize
Holy Hive - Ice Dreaming (Less Is More Mix)
Jeff Majors - Chant
O'Flynn - Aletheia
Steve Reich - Drumming (FourTet Mix)

Martyn – 

This Mortal Coil - Another Day
David Sylvian - Answered Prayers
Chris Watson - Cassarina
John Martyn - Small Hours
Julius Eastman - Gay Guerrilla: Part 1 (Arr. J.Clayton)
Karen Gwyer - Lentil
Tangerine Dream - Movements of a Visionary
Aphex Twin - #19
Dylan Thomas - Do not go gentle into that good night
Johan Johansson - The Suns Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black
Slowdive - Alison
Keith Jarrett - Köln Part 2 C
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Stars of the Lid - The Daughters of Quiet Minds
Joy Division - Disorder